Here are a few quick links to help educate.

Hemp Car featured on Jay Leno

Building a Hemp Dream Home

Hemp as Medicine

Hemp makes superior clothing

Hemp can replace plastic

The many uses of Hemp

Video on the history of Hemp

Video on why Hemp became illegal


Dr. Tammy

Hemp - Its time has come

    We all know people need to be educated about the benefits of Hemp.

    For this reason we have developed a pamphlet to be used to reach people in your community.  You can download the complete color brochure here on our website.  All you need, after you download, is to print, fold and distribute.  Simply scroll down
 to download.  There are letters also you may find helpful to reprint and share.  You can find much more about Hemp on our FaceBook page, scroll to page bottom.

    As a community service, I am funding this project completely on my own. My goal is not to profit but to educate.  If this project succeeds, we all benefit.  Donations are appreciated.   Scroll to page bottom for more.

   This pamphlet was instrumental in the passage of the farm bill which President Trump recently signed.

    Pamphlets can be viewed below.  They are full color, legal size (8.5 X 14), two sided.  If the images below seem a bit fuzzy, it's because the image has been reduced to fit computer screens.  The file for download is crystal clear.  
Download the pamphlet PDF file for printing by clicking here. We have updated the pamphlet and have three options depending on who your audience is. Scroll down to view all 3 pamphlets. You may download by clicking on the pamphlet.

A letter to politicians & police - use this letter with pamphlet when educating officials

A letter to friends, family, everyone - use this letter with pamphlet to educate the public

Piece I wrote Titled: Common Cause  -  giving thought to our legacy and our children's future

Letter I wrote to Florida Dept. of Agriculture,   Commissioner, Nicole "Nikki" Fried



                 Click on pamphlet below to download the pdf file (both sides)

              Click on pamphlet below to download the pdf file (both sides)


               Click on pamphlet below to download the pdf file (both sides)


Maggie with hemp pamphlet

       Some projects I am working on     

Mailed over 100 pamphlets (with letters) to environmental groups in the USA   

Bulk mailed 1000 pamphlets (with letters) to environmental group supporters in the USA

Placed pamphlets (with letters) in four stores (same city) that sell hemp and smoking products

Added two more stores

Targeted 11,800 radio hosts with the Hemp pamphlet bulk mailing

So far we have pamphlet distributors in Florida, So. Carolina,Texas and NewYork

Putting more emphasis on Hemp supporters in politics, sent written letters with copy of pamphlet

Giving thought to a "Hemp Education Tour" in my RV. Anyone interested..... want to help out?


    Random thoughts & ideas   

Looking for influential people to educate. Once they have passion, they will start educating others

I'm able to monitor the momentum of activity on this site... I'm watching to establish if more people are getting involved. 3 months and numbers double each month.... not enough time just yet.

I submitted the following idea concerning the wall between America and Mexico to FaceBook. Though I received many positive comments FB would not allow me to "boost" the post via paid advertising.

   Maggie is looking good next to our pamphlet display in one store in Key West.

   If you wish to help out, send an email to ( or write to Phil, 411 Walnut #7217, Green Cove Springs, FL  32043